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Notes on risks

Your investment as a Life Forestry client from Switzerland, Austria and many other countries is not an investment in a financial product such as shares, funds or other securities. A purchasing contract will instead make you the direct owner of a certain number of Teak trees. This will therefore not constitute a capital investment as such, but the purchase of a material asset, namely timber. Your investment will thus be largely protected against inflation, global economic cycles and the fluctuations of the financial markets. Risks such as natural fluctuations of the growth and price of timber, currency effects, environmental factors such as pests and drought and down to the total loss of the deployed capital nevertheless cannot be fully excluded. We will minimise these risks to the absolute minimum through our excellent plantation management and guaranteed growth of your trees.

The prognosis of ca. 8% yield is based on the IRR (Internal Rate of Return) on the purchase of 1100 Teak trees newly planted on 1 hectare at a purchasing price of 41 745 USD and forecast earnings on timber, including a 6% annual increase in the price of timber (Good Case). The actual earnings and the yield the buyer may thus achieve will depend on the actual development of timber prices and the grown volume and quality of the timber. Disbursement will not be annually, but as accruing through commercial thinning and final harvesting.


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