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Life Forestry Switzerland AG
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Welcome at the Life Forestry Group

Your assurance of green yields.

Timber is the third largest market for raw material after oil and gas. Nevertheless, investment in timber – especially in such precious woods as teak – has so far been the playground of only a small group of well-informed major investors. They have been collecting high returns on their multi-million investments for decades.

Analysts also predict an extremely positive future for investment in timber. Because the demand for wood continues to rise, but forests worldwide are fast disappearing. And this is due to both higher per capita consumption and our constantly increasing global population. This effect is particularly evident when looking at the high-quality and certified timber such as teak.

The Life Forestry Group has therefore developed an innovative model for sustainable forestry in the tropics, based on three pillars. This offers also private investors such as you the opportunity of investing in the booming timber market and benefit from the high yield and security that investments in teak can offer.

Investment in tangible assets such as timber can offer prospects of attractive earnings yet not without ecological and social responsibility. You will be the owner of teak trees when you invest with the Life Forestry Group directly, thus bundling many advantages. Investment in Life Forestry Teak trees will offer you top quality and transparency.

Why not follow the major investors by investing in noble wood?

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*Life Forestry Switzerland AG is currently drafting a sales brochure in accordance with the provisions of the German Capital Investment Act (VermAnlG). The public investment offer is therefore suspended for German investors, pending publication of the sales brochure.


Current offer to buy:

›› La Bonita, Costa Rica
Term: 14 years

›› Santa Celina (sold out)
›› Monte Cristi (sold out)
›› Santa Paulina (sold out)
›› Santa Magdalena (sold out)
›› Santa Carolina (sold out)
›› Santa Francisca (sold out)
›› Santa Sabina (sold out)
›› Santa Veronica (sold out)
›› Santa Isabella
›› Santa Gabriella
›› La Valentina 12
(sold out)
(sold out)
(sold out)
›› La Valentina 13
(sold out)
›› La Martina II
(sold out)
›› Santa Rosa II
(sold out)
›› Santa Cristina I
(sold out)
›› Santa Cristina II
(sold out)
›› Santa Cristina III (sold out)
›› Santa Diana (sold out)
›› Santa Catarina I
(sold out)
›› Santa Catarina II (sold out)
›› Santa Elena 11
(sold out)
›› Santa Barbara II
(sold out)
›› Santa Barbara I
(sold out)
›› Santa Elena 09 (sold out)
›› Santa Elena 07 (sold out)
›› Santa Elena 04
(sold out)
›› Santa Sofia I (sold out)
›› Santa Sofia II (sold out)
›› Santa Sofia III (sold out)
›› Santa Rosa I (sold out)
›› Santa Clara (sold out)
›› La Valentina 07
(sold out)
›› La Valentina 05
(sold out)
›› Santa Lucia (sold out)
›› Santa Maria IV (sold out)
›› Santa Maria III (sold out)
›› Santa Maria II (sold out)
›› Santa Maria I (sold out)


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›› Terra Verde I-III (sold out)
›› La Aldea
(sold out)