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As an owner of Life Forestry tree populations, you stand to benefit in many ways:

Various scientific studies have found that a systematically managed teak plantation with a density of 800 – 1100 newly planted teak trees per hectare will produce about 250 to 400 m3 of timber over 20 years. 150 to 300 m3 of this timber will be suitable for commercial use. Even should the price of teak fail to increase - a scenario hard to imagine given today’s figures for supply and demand, the returns on the timber would still deliver an average annual yield of 3% to 6%. The yield will be clearly higher, of course, if the market develops as projected.

All Life Forestry plantations are well managed to ensure sustainability and compliance with stringent environmental, social and economic criteria. The Forest Stewartship Council® (FSC) has already certified 817 ha of teak plantations in Costa Rica.

You will contribute significantly to the relief of rain forests as a source of tropical hardwood when buying Life Forestry plantation trees. Your financial investment will simultaneously also support the establishment of a sustainable timber industry in Central and South America, creating jobs along the entire chain of supply.

Qualified experts will look after your trees and use state of the art techniques to boost the value and profitability of the plantations. We undertake to replant should your teak trees not develop as expected within the first four years. 

You will receive a Certificate of Tree Ownership together with a purchase contract in which your tree population will be specified and described in detail. Surveys of teak plantations using state of the art GPS technology and individual numbering of trees belonging to a particular customer will allow the trees in a plantation to be clearly assignable from planting to harvesting.

You, as the owner of a tree, will be entitled to full transparency. Life Forestry Switzerland AG will provide information in the form of reports on the plantations and regular newsletters.

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