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SOS-Kinderdorf Estelí Nicaragua - Bericht 2018

Der Jahresbericht ist von den Mitarbeitenden des SOS-Kinderdorfs Estelí verfasst worden. Um einen Eindruck über die Arbeit und die erreichten Fortschritte aus erster Hand zu vermitteln, wird hier das Original in leicht abgeänderter und verkürzter Form in englischer Sprache wiedergegeben:


This year as a country and as a program we faced difficult situations due to the socio-political crisis experienced, which prompted us to further strengthen the alert system and response to emergencies, preserving first of all the physical integrity of all participants of the SOS community as well as its emotional stability.

During this year it was very satisfactory that more girls, boys and adolescents enjoy the right to live as a family, ending the year with a coverage of 31 girls, boys and adolescents in six SOS homes. Five children and adolescents with their families of origin were reintegrated, through structured processes, guaranteeing the fulfillment of their rights and ensuring a successful reintegration. A total of 19 children are in the process of re-linking with their biological families, who receive visits from their families and share vacation periods.

Of the 26 girls, boys and adolescents who are in the education system (12 in elementary education and 14 in highschool education) 100% reached the level of approval. One child is integrated in early education and one in preschool education, according to their learning evidences, they reached a satisfactory progress. 100% of the teenagers who are in highschool education, take technical careers, which already prepares them for the job insertion once they finish their baccalaureate as well for their university studies. In non-formal education, two teenage girls are included, who have a slight mental disability: one receives a course in dressmaking and the other one in jewelery, as well as basic techniques for customer service.

Regarding the development of life skills, boys and girls have information on decision mak-ing, conflict resolution, creative thinking, managing emotions and feelings. They rec-ognized their own sources of tension and stress and identified the possible actions that will allow them to reduce their effects. They also strengthened their social skills, which facilitates the establishment of healthy rela-tionships with their peers and with other peo-ple. In the health area, 81% of the children have weight and height according to their age and 100% have their medical controls.

To support the emotional development of children and ado-lescents in SOS homes, a very significant campaign was created to promote story reading. SOS families meet in homes and in the village park, to enjoy reading spaces; Juneylin comments:
"I like it a lot when we meet to read stories, a few days ago we read one that was about a child who traveled all over the world. I imagined myself traveling to those countries and crossing the oceans by boat! Reading is like being daydreaming!?

SOS-Mothers and -Aunts, who take care of the children, participated in a training process on ludo-pedagogical strategies for the proper management of emotions and re-meaning of life stories. This was an experiential process where they recognized their own personal life history, in order to recognize the life stories of the children and ado-lescents and contribute to their emotional recovery process. In addition, five pedagogical circles on life skills were de-veloped together treating the following topic like interper-sonal relationships or conflict management.

The successes of reintegration: These three boys have lived in the SOS Children's Village for six years, since their blind mother could not take of them anymore. Thanks to the support and through the reintegration process of SOS Children's Villages, they now live with their older sister. They are in good contact with their mother, who found work in a tobacco company, and are still supported by SOS. Everybody is very happy that this family could be re-united successfully.


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